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Combine rows by identifiers


Brief description

Collapses multiple rows with same identifiers in the specified identifier column into a single row. For numeric rows it can be specified how muliple values should be summarized, e.g. by mean or median.

Output: Matrix with respective rows collapsed.


ID column

Selected text column containing the IDs that are going to be clustered (default: first text column in the matrix)

Keep rows without ID

If checked, rows without ID are kept and each as a separate row (default: unchecked).

Average type for expression columns

Definition how numeric values in expression columns of clustered rows should be averaged (default: Median). The average operation can be selected from a predefined list:

  • Sum
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Maximum
  • Minimum

Parameter window

Perseus pop-up window: Basic -> Combine rows by identifiers

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