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Average groups


Brief description

Main columns are averaged over groups. This requires that at least one categorical annotation row is defined.

Output: Averaged main matrix containing as many columns as there were groups defined.



Defines, which grouping specified in a categorical row should be used to average values (default: first categorical row in the matrix).

Average type

Specifies which operation should be applied for the averaging (default: Median). The operation can be selected from a predefined list:

  • Median
  • Mean
  • Sum
  • Geometric mean

Min. valid values per group

Defines the minimal values a group must contain to calculate the average (default: 1).

Keep original data

If checked the original data will be kept In the output matrix (default: unchecked).

Add variation

Specifies, whether a measure of group-wise variation should be calculated and displayed in a numerical column (default: <None>). The measure can be selected from a predefined list:

  • <None>
  • Standard deviation
  • Error of mean

Parameter window

Perseus pop-up window: Annot. rows -> Average groups

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