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CoxLab Bug Reporting

Welcome to the short explanation for bug reporting.

Getting Started All of the packages in the MaxQuant family use this Github repository for bug reporting. Before you create an issue, please first try the latest version of our software, following the download link on the home page. Perhaps we have already fixed the problem.

How to report a bug

Detailed bug description Make sure your description of the bug is as detailed as possible! The more detailed it is, the easier it is for us. When you report the bug, please label it with “MaxQuant” if it is referred to MaxQuant and “Perseus” to Perseus respectively.

Post screenshots

It always helps if you show us what the bug looks like.

Steps to reproduce

Tell us how you got to that issue. Be detailed. Its a lot easier to deal with bugs if you know how to lure them out!

To report a bug please use the link:

Thank You,

Cox's Lab Team

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